Friday , September 20 2019

the-smart-energy-show-logo-retinaSmart Energy for America is based upon two simple theories – the more you learn, the less you burn, & reduce before you produce. From conserving energy around the house to a more global approach using solar power for industry and agriculture, Smart Energy for America wants the everyday consumer, large and small to be more efficient and save money. Advances in technology make this much easier than in the past and with our outreach via our weekly radio show and with our selected partners, savings is simple.

What is Smart Energy?

Starting With the Basics

Learn your local companies tiered rate system so when you have to run appliances like the dishwasher or dryer it is during off-peak hours so it is less expensive. Employ energy efficient measures when you can such as replacing your windows or at least applying weather stripping around them to keep the climate you want in and the hot or cold air out. Utilize L.E.D lighting where you can. Have your insulation checked for energy efficiency. Install a whole house fan if you can and replace your old appliances with new, energy efficient ones. Have your air conditioner checked at least once a year.

Education is power with regards to conservation and saving money at home and at work. We have vetted our partners on this website and they stand behind the products they offer. Each will tell you if what you have is what you need or what improvements you should make.

Smart Energy for America leads the way towards a smarter and more energy efficient America.