Friday , September 20 2019

The Smart Energy Show
with Mark Bowin & Keith Brooks

The time is now! Consumer interest in green energy, reduction of energy costs, tax incentives and rebate programs is at an all time high, and the SMART ENERGY SHOW is the only program of its kind in Northern California that addresses these issues every week, while educating the consumer about all the options that currently exist in the green energy field. Host Mark Bowin has worked in the energy efficiency field for 24 years specializing in solar and lighting. From project coordination to marketing and sales, Mark has done it all and brings this “hands on” experience to the show. Starting from the core concept “reduce before you produce”, the SMART ENERGY SHOW is designed to show Northern California consumers how they can take advantage of all the new technology available today, from solar heat, solar energy, hybrid vehicles and more. “The more you learn the less you burn!”

Saturdays 8AM on KFBK 1530 AM & Sundays 11AM on KKOH.

This unique platform is already generating measurable interest and has produced sales of smart energy saving solutions. Join Mark as part of this ground breaking educational / entertainment program that will set your company apart from your competition.Heard on three of Northern California’s most powerful radio signals and on-line at KFBK.COM and KSTE.COM!

About your hosts:

Mark Bowin:

Mark Bowin has 25 years in the energy efficiency business. He has saved many people thousands of dollars on their energy costs by reducing their lighting costs through new technology and financing options. Mark is an expert at helping people save money on their utility bills at their businesses throughout Northern and Central California. Over the last 4 years Mark saw the opportunity to impact homes , businesses and ultimately lives by reducing and eliminating their utility costs through the use of solar. He is excited to be on the production side of the business after years spent on the reduction side. He believes timing is everything and the timing has never been better to eliminate your utility bills completely. Mark uses his radio show to educate listeners and to have a profound impact on their financial future by having extra money for retirement accounts, education funds, and paying their mortgages off early.


Keith Brooks:

Long time radio host Keith Brooks made his debut on the radio scene in 1999. Keith is also an actor with many tv appearances, commercials, and film. His radio career has spanned nearly 17 years and has covered every day part from nights to Mornings and everything in between.

Keith started in FM radio with a wide range of formats including Rock, Alternative, hot ac, top 40, hip hop, and then switched to AM talk radio where he was most recently the Morning show host of the popular Keith Brooks morning sports show in Sacramento, CA.